• Image of Hell's Domain "Hell's Domain" Cd

The blistering debut album from the Danish thrashers. 11 tracks of thrashing Metal produced by renowned producer Tue Madsen(The Haunted, Kataklysm, Sick of it All) including a cover track of Danish thrash metal pioneers Crionic. Cover artwork by the infamous Ed Repka(Megadeth, Death, Massacre, Vio-Lence).

Comes with 12 page full colour booklet.

01. 100 Days in Hell
02. The Needle and the Vein
03. In the Trenches...
04. Order #227
05. The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down
06. Crawling in the Shadows
07. Dead Civilization
08. Hangman’s Fracture
09. As Good as Dead
10. A Good Day to Die
11. Sneaking Disease (Bonus Cover song)